Care Philosophy

Dr. Clark’s care philosophy puts patients first. As a Charleston cosmetic dentist, Dr. Clark's practice philosophy follows The Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." At Atlantic Esthetics, patients are treated with respect, as individuals with distinct needs.

People can expect to receive the most modern, lasting, and beautiful dentistry results, and it is our pleasure to lend these practices to the care of each of our patients.

Our office ambiance is designed to make patients feel comfortable and relaxed. Please feel free to come and be treated as our guest. You won’t find your typical crowded waiting room when you visit our office.

We strive to schedule patients one by one so that each patient knows we are focusing on them and their care. Our goal is that patients will never feel rushed, and will have ample time to ask any questions they may have.

We understand that some patients may have had an unfavorable experience with other dentists in the past, and may even have a fear of the dentist. When patients chose Dr. Clark, they are not only choosing one of the most highly trained cosmetic dentists in Charleston, but also one of the most patient and best in patient care.

We cater to the fearsome, and want to change your perspective of a trip to the dentist. Allow us to welcome you into an atmosphere where you can relax, yes, relax as we prepare to serve you.

Our treatment philosophy is one of Biomimetics, where we strive to replicate the design of your natural tooth in form, strength, and beauty. It is done through using specific materials in a meticulous manner to reverse the damage done by the disease process. With the advances in dental materials, another strong advantage of Biomimetics is its conservative nature.

Modern dentistry must focus on the preservation of healthy tooth substance, while faithfully replacing lost tooth substance with like materials. Rely on our Charleston cosmetic dentistry office to provide the most up to date care for whatever dental issue you may be having.